300 Today

300 is a “Spartanic Hard Rock’n’Roll” band from Switzerland

Inspired by the 300 Spartans who defended democracy against 100,000 Persians in the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C., the band 300 Rock aims to keep AC/DC’s Spartan rock ‘n’ roll alive and breathe new life into it. The band covers songs by AC/DC and “spartanizes” other rock classics until they sound like AC/DC. In addition, they also write their own material that sounds like – exactly – from AC/DC. Their anthem “300 We Are” is a tribute to classics like “Highway To Hell” and the time of AC/DC with singer Bon Scott. According to the band, Spartan rock’n’roll is “reduced to the minimum, aggressive and loud, Spartan in fact.

300 Rock offers more than “just” music. With their “spartacular” show they enthusiastically get the audience to join in and already after the first songs everything is just one happy party.

Our first song is 300 We Are, which we played publicly for the first time at Gleis 21 on 17 September 2020. On 11 March we are going to present our new song Waiting For George, a song in the tradition of old style Rock’n’Roll.

Our members are:

‘300 We Are’, first time performed live on stage at Gleis 21, 17 Sep 2020

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